Saturday, May 24, 2008

Canceled Trip

The Satun trip that I've blogged about last week has been canceled. That's what happens to spur at the moment decisions...the cancelation is also as fast..:)

So, Lesson No. 1 for me : Must alway plan trips ahead especially for us who're traveling with kids.

But anyways, we had a good weekend with friends last week. And little did we know that one of our friend who stayed with us for a night has a relative who owns a resort in Phuket and she's inviting us to go there and stay for a night or two for FREE! Hehehe!! I was so excited with the offer but I'm not jumping so much with excitement yet as our weekends are full and there are no holidays in between. But still we're not crossing out the possibility especially since we want to visit our student who's working there. hmmm....

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