Friday, May 23, 2008

Cagayan de Oro Here We Come!

Photo by Rex Tapungot

I'm just so excited to go back home..It's still several months away but I always tell my Li'l girl, ' We're almost going to the Philippines! '. I'm excited because, of course my family is there and this time we'll be staying for a longer period of time. That means, if we really plan well, we'll be able to visit a lot of places and do a lot of exciting things. Excting? you'll know on.

I'm really 'determined' to show my HUbby the beauty of our beloved city since he hasn't really explored every nook and corner of it since we usually just go there for a short visit.

So, here is my list of things to do and places to visit in the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City.

1) First stop..HOME- YEs, there;s no place like home. We live just near the river and it's so refreshing to hear the constant sound of the rushing water and the chirping of the birds in the morning. When ever we're home, it always feel like we're on a holiday since the surrounding is just tranquil and serene. Surely, a great place to rest.

2) White Water Rafting in Cagayan River- It's the same river that connects from the place where they have the white water rafting to our house. I haven't done this yet but would really love to try. This will truly be an awesome adventure, just looking at the pictures will make your adrenaline rush. :)

Photos by Rex Tapungot

3) Canopy Walk at Claveria through a suspended bridge at the middle of the woods that is 120 ft from the ground. I'm sorry but as for now all I could to is to show you the pictures since I couldn't describe it real well yet as I haven't gone to the place.

4) Visit ECO Village in Malasag. This has only been the 'tourist' place during the time when I was staying in my hometown..I'm glad that there are more places to go now like no. 2 and 3. Anyways, the Eco village, is situated on a hill (overlooking the northern protion of Cagayan de Oro) and this exhibits the different tribes and cultures of Misamis Oriental through showing their houses, way of living and etc. As I remember there's also a butterfly garden, an aviary and chalets here.

So, here are the four major things I want my HUbby to experience while in my City. I heard there's an Ostrich farm in Opol too. So, I better take my kids there and let them see. For me, I'm contented to eat my favorite Buko Halo and Chiken inato' at Jo's Chicken Inato', buy the lechon manok ( roasted chicken) at The Barn, buy 2nd hand clothes at Agora Ukay-ukay and Night Cafe' and eat some delicious cakes at Blueberry Cafe'. :)

OK. I better go to sleep now and dream about all these..:)


litlit said...

Very Exciting plans, love....

Prily said...

very nice post,my dear friend.i also miss the Jo's manokan.hay....and the buko halo!wow!!!a must have!!ok, i gotta dream of this also!!!hehehehe.

Z'riz said...

oi! so there is JO's Chicken Inato in CDO? hahahaha did you know that the main branch is in a little city called Dumaguete :)

Xang said...

One of the reason why i always want to go back to Cagayan is water rafting. I never get tired of it:D ,and also the great foods they have. I gained 10 kls during my summer vacation because of that place.

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