Thursday, August 14, 2008

Los Angeles, California

What comes in your mind when the place Los Angeles is being mentioned? For me the images of the famous Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Boulevard would immediately pop out from my mind.

Los Angeles or the
City of Angels is also commonly referred as the Entertaiment Capital of the World. As I've read and browsed through the photos, it's indeed like a big city that never sleeps, full of restaurants, shopping malls, media and business centers. I wonder how it is like to be there?

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Well, I'm no expert here, but even for this little blog of mine if only an expert search engine optimization is applied here. Its page rank, traffic and reach could skyrocket and more opportunities could be given to earn and expand. Well, another wishful thinking.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mt. Kitanglad Bukidnon Philippines

Photo taken from by Bobby Timonera

Mt. Kitanglad is known to be the fourth highest mountain in the Philippines and has an approximate height of 2899 meters. It is actually a dormant volcano and it's a famous destination for the Filipino mountain climbers.

I've been there once with my father, brother and family friends. I couldn't really remember much since I was only 11 years old at that time. Even though it took us hours to get to the middle of the mountain but it was a fun experience for me. Hiking up and seeing the beautiful birds and butterflies, hearing some streams and seeing nature at it's best.

We brought our camping tents, cooking utensils, food and other necessary things. If I'm not mistaken we stayed there for a night. My brother and friends even attempted to go up to the peak, so we climbed up but then when we were halfway, we realized that we were not really prepared to go on top since we didn't bring enough food and water. So, we went back to our 'base'.

That was indeed a great experience for an eleven year old girl, sleeping underneath all 'big' stars in a very cold night. When we woke up in the morning, the fog was so thick and I remember drinking the native coffee which was made from corn.

Mt. Kitanglad... I wonder if I could ever go back there again.

Travel Tip # 4

So you want to travel but you think you can't afford to do so? As long as you have a regular job, I'm very positive that you can afford to travel anywhere in your country or even in other countries worldwide.

You just need to set a goal , where you want to go and when you want to travel. And then, SAVE, SAVE and SAVE some money meant for your trip. Once you've done your research for the cheapest airfare, cheapest accommodation and etc. You'll surely discover that you won't need so much of money to be able to go on your desired trip.

Be patient and wait until you reach your
goal savings and don't be tempted to spend it elsewhere. I assure you it's really worth the wait. Imagine, traveling to different places, seeing different people, hearing dialects or languages different from yours and tasting different kinds of food... oh, the joys of traveling.

When you want to save up for a trip, it's good if you could open an account especially meant for the trip. Better yet, sign up for a free checking account from WaMu which offers free checks, free online banking, free wire transfers and a lot more. And then when it's time for you to be on the go you can access your money with their Debit Mastercard and thousands of WaMu's free ATMs.

Have a great trip ahead!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Travel Tip # 3

How to do research on your travel destination?

1) - There are thousands of different websites that contains a lot of valuable information on your travel destination. All you have to do is look for the sites which are updated and has the information that is most necessary to you.

Join travel Forums - This is the place where you're most likely to 'meet' people who have been to the place you want to go. They can give you the real feedback, their good and bad experiences with the place, people food and etc, which you won't be able to read in travel or other tourism sites.

Ask around - You might know some of your friend's friends who has been to the place. You can ask them and they might be able to recommend you other interesting places to see, cheap accommodation, valuable directions, cultural advices and etc.

Print and take notes- And of course, after getting all those valuable tips and information. Make sure to print or jot them down. You won't want to be going to Thailand and forget the name of the most delicious food you wanted to try isn't?

That's all for now!! and have great travel experience!!!!

Thai Dishes You Must Taste - Part 2


Thai Stir fried crab curry or Poo Phad Pong Kali

I personally love crabs and there's no better way to cook them but with curry. It makes you want to savor every bit of the crab, even the shells.

5) Thai Fried Rice or Khaw Phat

If you're not into spicy stuff, the Thai Fried rice will work best for you. Thai fried rice has different variations from Fried rice chicken (
Khaw phat kai) , fried rice beef ( khaw phat Nua), fried rice seafood ( khaw phat thale') and veggies (phak) , every dish is a must try for everyone.

Thai Cashew Nut Chicken or (Kai phat phet ma muang)

This is another dish I can recommend for those who can not take spicy food. It's made of chicken with cashew nuts, mushrooms a lotof onions and sometimes with dried chillies. be continue...

yes, I'm not finished with this Thai food sequel yet...there's just so much of delicious dishes ...

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