Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thai Dishes You Must Taste - Part 1

Thailand is known to have delicious cuisine. Wherever you go , may it be in the posh restaurant downtown or even to the simplest hawker shop on the road, you'll be assured to savor the best of Thai food.

Here is a list of my personal favorites and highly recommended Thai dishes:

* Warning:
Living in Thailand for 6 years had made my tongue accustomed to spicy food. So, some dishes here may be too spicy for you..but you could always give it a try or tell the 'cook' or waiter/waitress not to make it too spicy.

Tomyum Goong ('kung') or Tom Yum Thale

I'm sure you've heard of this dish that is known all over the world. It's a soup that has all the mixture of tastes, spicy, sour, sweet and a bit salty. It's made of prawns ('kung), and sometimes mixed seafood ( 'thale') , kaffir lime leaves and a whole other bunch of ingredients. It is said to have a lot of health benefits too as it has a lot of hers and spices. You can also order it with or without the coconut milk and 'prik' tomyum paste.

2) Thai Green Curry

If you're into curry stuff, I'm sure this will work well with you. It's made of green curry paste, coconut milk, Thai eggplants ( which are rounded) and other ingredients. This Curry is usually served with rice or ' Khanon Jin' or what we just simply call the Thai white spaghetti.

3) Yam Pla Dook Foo or Thai Catfish Salad

This is made of shredded Catfish, green mangoes, peanuts or cashew nuts, chilli and other ingredients. It's a blend of spicy , sour and salty taste. Spicy from the chillies, sour from the shredded green mangoes, salty from the fish sauce and shredded fish. This is truly delicious!

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i love thai food since im into spicy food as well. my faves-- crispy catfish salad, chicken satay, lemongrass chicken, pad thai, chicken pandan and sticky rice w/ mango for dessert!! love their creamy milk tea as well :)