Saturday, July 05, 2008

Future Destination : Ipoh, Malaysia

Photo from wikipedia

I'm excited! 2 weeks from now, we're going to Ipoh. Not for a holiday really, but it's more on a 'business' related trip. But well, since we're already there, why not mix it with a bit of touring around and a bit of pleasure huh?

I've been to Ipoh once but we never got to see the place. I just saw a bit of the place but I loved it! I love to see the colonial buildings with the lush, dark green mountains as the background. Ipoh is actually one of the biggest cities in's a city but with a provincial 'feel'. It's a beautiful place, with beautiful buildings and scenic views.

Just a note: Ipoh is the hometown of the famous international actress Michelle Yeoh and this is also the place where the movie "Anna and the King" was shot. ( This movie has been banned by Thailand and many of the Thais are greatly offended by this movie as it's about their King.)

Anyways, I've already done a bit of research of the places to go in Ipoh and the places of interests that caught my attention were the following:

1) Lost World of Tambun Park - This is actually a water park with giant slides, man made river ( the longest in Asia, it seems), wild tigers, hot springs and theme park rides. Interesting huh? I'm sure my kids would love this but if we're not so sure if time will permits us to go to this place. But you'll know for sure soon because I'll be blogging about it later.:)

2) Taman DR or Coronation Park - This famous park is just located within the city and as opposed to #1.. There are no entrance fees .. :) It has a huge fish pond with boats and canoes, it has a Japanese garden and football field. It seems like a great place to relax. I would like this place.

Photo from Wikipedia

3) Old Town - This is where the beautiful buildings will be seen and a lot of places to eat too. Ipoh is very famous for some Chinese food and Poppiah too! So, I have to get ready to gobble up Ipoh food! :)

...What about you, have you been to Ipoh in Malaysia? Maybe you can suggest some interesting places for us to go..


eunice said...

Yes! I often go Ipoh to my relatives' house! I love Ipoh food, best in Malaysia! :D

Hope you can check out my travel journal about Ipoh here -> Travelerfolio - Ipoh journal


fren_ace said...

nice picture lalaine!
i want to visit this place someday!