Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lost WOrld of Tambon

Finally, we're back from Ipoh. And here's my report :) from our trip and experience from Lost World of Tambun located in Ipoh, Perak , Malaysia.

Getting there: If only we came from the North-South Highway, getting there should have been easy..but we had to ' check-in' first at the apartment where we were staying so, we ended up coming from the city center. In other words, we got LOST..going to the Lost World of Tambun. It was a bit distant from the city center.

This is the entrance of the park. The whole place is well designed having that ethnic design similar to that of the Mayans.

I love these Cat Sculptures at the Entrance

These are some of the
attractions of the Lost WOrld of Tambun.

Tambun Hot Springs- Water is taken from the natural spring and being diverted to the pool. This is ideal for a late afternoon dip.

2) Waterfall Beach Garden

This is like the main highlight of the whole place as it is the first thing that you will see from the entrance. They said it's the biggest wave pool in Malaysia but it still so small compared to the real beach.. obviously.. LOL!

Adventure River

This is one of the scenes you see when you go through the adventure river. You simply ride on your tube and follow the waterway with the waves 'guiding' you. This Gorilla makes some noises when one passes by.

3) Paddle Boating

This is a very small lake with few Swan Paddle boats. Not very interesting.. it seems like they just put this as an after thought and to add a little bit of attraction in the place.

Tiger Valley

During the guided tour through the train, they will take you to the Tiger valley with a Tiger feeding show. It was okay. But still not so interesting, the Tigers were just lazing around and not moving at all. SO there's really nothing much to see, that is if you've already seen tigers before in the zoo.

Explora Bay

This is the pool for kids. For me it's the main highlight of the place as my li'l ones really enjoyed it. The water is not deep and enough for a 3 -4 year old to go around without the parents getting worried. And there's also a lifeguard on duty.

Overall, the whole place was just okay. We enjoyed it because our li'l ones had fun. The explora Bay was really great. There were many attractions like the merry go around, the Tiger Valley that kids would really love. But if you're an a grown up looking for some adventure then you'll get a bit disappointed. They have a little of this and that but not enough to keep your jaws drop. But then, if you want to just relax , take a break and have fun with friends then, this place would do. For 25 RM , I think it should be alright.

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eunice said...

cool cool cool! I had been to Lost World of Tambun a few yrs ago for some shots at the entrance only heheh, didn't enter. My hubby is from Ipoh, so we often go back from Singapore. :D

So did you enjoy Lost World?