Monday, April 14, 2008

Lonely Planet

A must-have for every serious traveller or backpacker is a Lonely Planet Guide Book especially if one has a plan to live and really go around a particular country for several weeks.
WHat does a lonely planet guidebook have?
  • History of the place
  • Getting there and around
  • Money
  • Cultural, Political, religious background
  • Maps and Streetmaps with legends about everything from hotels, market places, banks and etc
  • An intensive accomodation guide with approximate rates, facilities and helpful reviews. (VERY helpful if you're on a budget)
  • Sightseeing recommendations/ travel interests
  • Bars, restaurant recommendation
  • etc.

What I like most about the Lonely Planet guide is it's like a compilation of all the information about the place PLus reviews and experiences of certain places, hotels and etc. So, you get to see the whole picture of a particular place and not just the good things. There's a difference when you consult a tourist agency and consulting a fellow traveller, isn't it? With lonely Planet, it's like fellow travellers telling you of their experiences of a particular place. Another thing I like about this guidebook is it specifically tells you how to go to a particular place, how to get there, how many minutes, how much it'll costand etc. No need to ask people around and get confused with language, it'll all be in the book.

I could remember a few years ago, my Hubby and I were riding a van to Penang, Malaysia. A German backpacker lady sat down beside us. She told us that she has worked for 5 years as a librarian, saved money , quit her job and plans to travel around South East Asia for 1 year. Her first stop was Thailand, then Malaysia and on to the other countries. Of course, she travelled on a budget or else her savings will be gone in a weeks time instead of travelling for a year. She was so confident, she only speaks German and ENglish, she has never travelled Asia before but on her hand is a copy of Lonely Planet guide. She was holding on to it, as if her dear life entirely depends on that book (just exagerrating a bit). BUt seriously, anyone can basically survive with it even if he/she is a first timer in a foreign land without knowing anyone. Wow! wouldnt that be a great adventure!

But anyways, this is only for serious budget travellers or backbackers but if you're only going to a place for 3 days to a week then I think internet information is enough help to let you find the most important information.

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Maya said...

i do like budget travel coz it give more adventure to it.You tend to be more like locals rather than a tourist. then you'll see more real things on the country you visit.