Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our Phuket Trip Part 2

This is a continuation from the previous post...

3) Rawaii Beach - There's nothing much to do in Rawaii beach but do a bit ofsightseeing and eat at the Seafood shops lined up along the road near the seaside. My Hubby ate in one of the shops here several years back and remembered that their crab used to be 10 baht per kilo but times have changed and it's now 80 Baht per kilo. But I'm sure this is reasonable since they make tasty crab curry...haaa,,crab curry..I suddenly got hungry..:)

Back to the beach, I also remembered that this is the beach where the speedboats dock and it's a starting point for a 30-45 mins. speedboat ride to the other islands surrounding Phuket.

4) Patong Beach - This is one of the famous beaches in Phuket (with Kata and Karon Beach) where most of the westerners hang out. Just a few meters from the seaside is a road and right next to it are all the shops, bars , resorts, hotels and restaurants line up. We're not into barhopping and night life..we'd rather stay in the hotel and enjoy a quiet time with family, so we find this place a bit messy. When we were passing by, there was even this lady who was calmly sitting in a bar, topless!! Yeah, not a wholesome sight at all! But on the other hand, I like looking at the hotel and restaurant designs here, some are just beautiful. If you're into food trip, you'll also find all kind of restaurant here, Irish, German, Swedish , Indian and etc.
When we were there, we had dinner at Tamarind Restaurant which is connected to the Seaview Hotel. I just love the place! It's situated at the far end of the beach, so it's far from the messy nightlife area and thus it's quiet and peaceful.
The hotel is well-designed, cozy and I think a good place to just relax. In the morning, you can have a spectacular view of the sea. I checked through their site and I found a lot of good reviews from their customers. Hmmm..I'm dreaming to stay there for a holiday. It's quite pricey of course but they have this package where you'll get to see a free show called "Fantasea". I heard that's a great show for the kids too.
Okay, this is all for our Phuket Trip! We'll have another trip to Malaysia next week and I'm surely going to update this blog again.

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