Thursday, April 03, 2008

Our Phuket Trip Part 1

We arrived from Phuket just a few days ago and we had a great trip! Though we were not really able to go around but at least I've got to see a bit of it. Here are the highlights of our trip.

1) Our Hotel - We stayed in Grand Thavorn Plaza Hotel and we didn't have a very pleasant experience in our stay there. Before we went ther , I check their website and it looked so nice from the site. It looked grand and luxurious. But in reality?? It's an old hotel, poorly maintained with poor service. I'm sure this hotel had its 'grandoise' years. They hang a big picture on their wall announcing that Ricky Martin stayed there way back 2005. But I guess as the years went by, they tried to cut cost by hiring few people and not maintaining it properly that's why their hotel ended up bad. Even their lobby isn't airconditioned now and they defended this by putting up a sign that it's because of global warming..or is it?

One of the statues at the entrance of the hotel. In the morning, this looks like a great piece of art but in the evenings it looks quite eerie because of the lighting..hehehe!

We had two major disappoinments from our hotel. Never mind the poor service, the dilapidated chairs and etc. Our first disappointment was the bath tub. I planned to give my Hubby a nightly spa, but it turned out that our bath tub doesn't work ( I mean it drains the water even when we put the cover). So, the first night we had to 'borrow' someone's bathtub..hahaha! I was so desperate to let my Hubby have a spa and not to mention we had additional luggage coz I brought all the spa ingredients like oranges, oats, honey and etc. whew!! But anyways, my Hubby was already so happy with the Orange Spa I made for him. ;)

The second disappointment was the swimming pool. Before the trip, I was already envisioning my kids having fun in the pool. We even bought a cute swimming trunks for my baby boy. hahaha! ( He looks real cute with his 'elephant trunks' :) But it turned out that their pool was 'under repair'. Poor Tricia! She was so disappointed and was convincing me that the pool is not closed. Good we checked the pool first before getting ready with our things. Our friends immediately went to the pool with their swimsuits, towels and etc just to find out it's closed. When we asked the hotel staff, they said that it's under repair and it'll be done in a week (after we check out). But by the look of it, it seems that the pool has been abandoned for quite a long time and I'm not sure if they really do have plans of repairing it..haaayy!!

2) Phromtehp Cape - Yes we were able to go for sight seeing in Promptehp Cape where you can see the beautiful sea and some islands surrounding Phuket. We went there in the morning so we never get to see the Sunset. The view itself in the morning is spectacular and I'm sure it'll be more breathtaking during the sunset.

please don't mind the Little Big Mermaid on the the rock..LOL!

When we where there, it made me wish that we could go to one of the islands again. The sand is whiter and finer, the beach is more beautiful and the view is more refreshing in the islands. I remember 5 years ago, when my Hubby and I was able to go to Koh Raya Noi (one of the Islands) and it was very beautiful (I can write another post on that :))

That's all for now..this post is getting longer and I'm babbling more than I should..

To be continued .................


Prily said...

Hi,my friend,what an experience!I appreciate you for being very honest with your comment about the hotel.Definitely,i'll not be going there!Travel is always like that,my dear.Sometimes what we expect,we just get disappointed.It happens to me many times.But oh well,you enjoyed your trip and so did we while reading your entries.Love it!

janet said...

that is a very nice picture of you on the rock.

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