Saturday, August 02, 2008

Thai Dishes You Must Taste - Part 2


Thai Stir fried crab curry or Poo Phad Pong Kali

I personally love crabs and there's no better way to cook them but with curry. It makes you want to savor every bit of the crab, even the shells.

5) Thai Fried Rice or Khaw Phat

If you're not into spicy stuff, the Thai Fried rice will work best for you. Thai fried rice has different variations from Fried rice chicken (
Khaw phat kai) , fried rice beef ( khaw phat Nua), fried rice seafood ( khaw phat thale') and veggies (phak) , every dish is a must try for everyone.

Thai Cashew Nut Chicken or (Kai phat phet ma muang)

This is another dish I can recommend for those who can not take spicy food. It's made of chicken with cashew nuts, mushrooms a lotof onions and sometimes with dried chillies. be continue...

yes, I'm not finished with this Thai food sequel yet...there's just so much of delicious dishes ...

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Anonymous said...

I love Thai style cashew nut chicken
, and this recipe to be delicious. It can be mild with no spice or spicy if you like that too.