Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mt. Kitanglad Bukidnon Philippines

Photo taken from pbase.com by Bobby Timonera

Mt. Kitanglad is known to be the fourth highest mountain in the Philippines and has an approximate height of 2899 meters. It is actually a dormant volcano and it's a famous destination for the Filipino mountain climbers.

I've been there once with my father, brother and family friends. I couldn't really remember much since I was only 11 years old at that time. Even though it took us hours to get to the middle of the mountain but it was a fun experience for me. Hiking up and seeing the beautiful birds and butterflies, hearing some streams and seeing nature at it's best.

We brought our camping tents, cooking utensils, food and other necessary things. If I'm not mistaken we stayed there for a night. My brother and friends even attempted to go up to the peak, so we climbed up but then when we were halfway, we realized that we were not really prepared to go on top since we didn't bring enough food and water. So, we went back to our 'base'.

That was indeed a great experience for an eleven year old girl, sleeping underneath all 'big' stars in a very cold night. When we woke up in the morning, the fog was so thick and I remember drinking the native coffee which was made from corn.

Mt. Kitanglad... I wonder if I could ever go back there again.


eunice said...

This piece of land looks beautiful yet mystical to me. Thought it was Mongolia at first sight, with vast green pasture.
Wonder how far it is to walk across this land...

Petitehye said...

Hello, I am from the Philippines too but I never saw this beautiful place yet... but I heard a lot about this especially from tourists. Nice meeting you ;0

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Ella said...

wow amazing! if u didn't mention the place i would never think it was taken in the philippines!