Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SouthEast Asia Budget Travel

Several years ago, when one travels outside their own country, it really costs a lot. Now, thanks to all these Budget Airlines because they made traveling internationally cheaper.

Just like six years ago, a round trip ticket from Cebu/Manila to Kuala Lumpur would cost around 24,000 Pesos or approx $ 500. Now, a round trip ticket of the same destination will be around 10,000 Pesos (approx US$227) on a promotional price. And once my Mom bought her ticket for only P 2,800 (US$63) since it was a Zero fare rate.

Here are the Budget Airlines that I know that travel around Southeast Asia and beyond :). It's really cheap and as one of the airline's motto says, " Now everyone can fly!"

1) Airasia - They are the very first brave airline in SouthEast Asia to think of schemes to cut their operational costs and therefore lower their fare. At the start, their planes were small and looked like flying buses from the interior but as they moved on, they improved a lot and now they have airbus 300. They're currently flying around some parts of Asia and Australia and even planning to fly to Europe.

If you're seriously planning to travel around,to get their zero or cheapest rate, you have to visit thier site frequently or subscribe to their updates.

2) Cebu Pacific Air - Thier international destinations are quite limited compared to Airasia but personally I like their planes better. I've only tried the 'bus-like' planes of Airasia (haven't tried the airbus 300 yet), so please forgive me if I make this comparison in my limited experience.

3) Tiger Airways- They've got good planes too. Their planes are based in Singapore and their destinations include India, China and Australia at good rates.

4) Jetstar- I haven't been in any of their planes yet. But some of my friends have tried it and they also gave good feedbacks. What's interesting with this airline is that the price of your ticket depends on the amount of baggage you have. Like for example if when you only have a carry-on bag, then you get the cheapest rate, while if you check -in a luggage that's more than 30 kilos then you get a more expensive rate. So, for backpackers or light travelers who are just interested to see Australia or other countries, then for sure you'll get a reasonable price.

5) COMING SOON! - Malaysian Airlines - Presently, this airline offers a zero rate only in their domestic destinations but, SOON they will be offering zero rates for their international destinations. I'm surely looking forward for this since they are the premier airline of Malaysia and therefore they have a lot more international destinations compared to the others.

So, here is my list. I can't tell you for sure which has the cheapest rates since it all depends on their yearly promotions. Most of these airlines offer ZERO so, you just have to always check their sites or better yet, subscribe to their newsletters.

So you think traveling internationally is only for the rich and famous? No,no,no....With all these budget airlines , now everyone can travel abroad. SAKAY NA!! ;)

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