Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Phuket here we come..

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At first I was so excited for our upcoming trip to Phuket this month. We will be going there for conference. I thought we could go a bit early or stay back after the seminar to see more of Phuket but then, due to time and budget constraints we won't be able to do that (huhuhuh!). But I guess there's still a glimmer of hope..heheh! I heard that the schedule of the conference is not that heavy so I hope there'll be time to go around. Actually, it'll be my third time to go to Phuket but I haven't seen the whole place yet.

Things I want to do in Phuket

1) Go to the Old Phuket Town - I love the to see some historical places. I heard their blend of Colonial and Chinese architecture is a beatiful sight to see here.
2) View the beautiful sunset from Phromthep Cape - From this hill you can see also see the islands surrounding Phuket. My Hubby has been here and he said it's beautiful.

3) See the beaches - Yes, you read it right.."see" not swim..since time our 'free time' is limited and I guess all we could do is to take a peek. So, maybe we'll just take a look at the famous beautiful beaches such as Patong, Karon and Kata, take some pictures and off we go.

I have only 3 things in my things to do list. I won't be so ambitious given that we have some constraints. I'll already be soo happy if we could accomplish these 3. And if not then, I'll just have to be contented in letting my kids swim in the swimming pools at the hotel where we're staying. LOL!

So, this is all for now and I'll surely post some pictures, after our Phuket Trip.


priscocam said...

Hi Lalaine,pag-enjoy dyud sa Phuket,ha?wala ko nakaabot sunod na siguro....hehehe!magpapayat usa ko para makasuot pod tawon ko ug swimsuit diha sa maanindot nila na kadagatan!...

happymommy said...

hi there lalaine! this is a nice blog, a nice idea to document ur travels and all. hope i get to travel to thailand someday with my hubby and kids. my hubby has a ministry there for the kids in khoa lak where he helps them with their school needs, etc. :) enjoy travelin'! great job on this one! :)